Respiratory disease causes an immense worldwide health burden.

It is estimated that 235 million people suffer from asthma, more than 200 million people have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), 65 million endure moderate-to-severe COPD, 1-6% of the adult population (more than 100 million people) experience sleep disordered breathing, 8.7 million people develop tuberculosis (TB) annually, millions live with pulmonary hypertension and more than 50 million people struggle with occupational lung diseases, totaling more than 1 billion persons suffering from chronic respiratory conditions.

COPD affects more than 200 million people and is the fourth leading cause of death in the world. COPD is the only major disease that is increasing in prevalence worldwide and on all continents.

Asthma afflicts about 235 million people worldwide and it has been increasing during the past three decades in both developed and developing countries. Although it strikes all ages, races and ethnicities, wide variation exists in different countries and in different groups within the same country. It is the most common chronic disease in children and is more severe in children in non-affluent countries. In these settings, under-diagnosis and under-treatment are common, and effective medicines may not be available or affordable. The burden of asthma is also greater in urban settings. It is one of the most frequent reasons for preventable hospital admissions among children.

Respiratory infections account for more than 4 million deaths annually and are the leading cause of death in developing countries. Since these deaths are preventable with adequate medical care, a much higher proportion of them occur in low-income countries. Pneumonia is the most common serious respiratory infection. In children under 5 years of age, pneumonia accounts for 18% of all deaths, or more than 1.3 million annually; pneumonia kills far more than HIVor malaria.

Listed below are selected respiratory models used by IPST:

Allergic Rhinitis

Bleomycin-induced Lung Injury

Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD)

LPS-induced Acute Lung Injury